One day elephant baby cute video is viral, you can't stay without watching it


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: Many of the viral videos that go viral on Netdunia every day are about animals. In the videos, netizens fall in love with the feats of animals and birds. This time in Netdunia, Viral Hall is a video of a one-day-old baby elephant.

Kenya's Sheldrick Wildlife Trust recently shared a heartwarming video of the elephant on Twitter. This Kenyan organization takes care of orphaned elephant cubs. The video shows a newborn baby elephant staggering after its mother.

It is known that this baby elephant has been named Lapa. He was not a day old when the video was filmed. He is the 36th child born in Ithumba. Throughout the video, she is seen walking around her mother Linana all the time.

A few days ago, another video that went viral on social media Twitter showed a few baby elephants playing in the mud. They are rolling in the mud just like human children playing. Although people are not having to eat their gossip like a child. On the contrary, the mahouts are smearing mud on them.

In the video, a mahout is seen bathing them with pipe water. The video went viral as soon as it came on social media.

In another video, it is seen that he suddenly came from behind with one hand and threw his partner in the water of the canal.

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