One huge six after another! Netpara calls the monologue of the viral video a short version of Chris Gayle

Viral video: One video has gone viral at the moment across Netpara. Former India cricketer Akash Chopra is also fascinated by the way he is hitting sixes one after the other in the style of left-handed little Caribbean legend Chris Gayle.

Photo credit: Instagram

The current era is the era of social media. Every day new videos go viral on Netdunia. Just as some of them make us think, some of them startle us. A section of our youth also makes videos of tricks in the hope of popularity that make them heroes or villains overnight.

Caribbean giants Christopher Henry Gayle or Chris Gayle with twenty-two yards at bat means entertainment. Many cricket experts are also stunned when this legend stands on the crease and sends the ball across the boundary in an incredible manner. This time Khudeke was also seen playing in the same manner.

Standing on the stairs, Chris is sending one ball after another in Gaelic style to the gallery, that is, to the neighbors' house. His aggression with the bat reminds me of 'The Universe Boss', the famous '333' jersey. Akash Chopra's commentary can also be heard behind the video.

Nothing special was known about the child in the video. However, as usual, the video has gone viral. In a few hours, the flood of like comments has overflowed. However, netizens have seen more of the batting shadow of Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Panth than Chris Gayle.