'One Hundred Ball Cricket' fell behind for a year before it started


One hundred ball cricket was about to start after Test, ODI and Twenty20. Everyone is busy at the moment, and in this busy life, cricket fans love to watch T20 matches from Tests, ODIs. However, in order to boost the popularity of T20 cricket, the idea was to have a 100-ball cricket match. The England and Wales Cricket Board thought so. But due to the corona virus, the tournament was postponed for a year before it started. The tournament was scheduled to start on July 17. But at the moment the tournament is one year behind due to the corona virus.

The tournament was to be held in eight divisions, divided into men's and women's divisions. However, due to the corona virus, this 100 ball tournament is not being held this year. The Corona epidemic has taken shape around the world, according to the England Cricket Board. The number of corona victims and deaths is increasing day by day. With that in mind, the 100-ball cricket has been suspended for a year due to concerns over the health of the cricketers. The idea of ​​holding this tournament next year is being considered if the situation becomes normal later.

The England Cricket Board has announced that no cricket or football matches will be held in England until July 1. If the situation is normal, the tournament will be held in late July or in August in an empty gallery.