One message after another is entering the speed of the storm in a matter of seconds, Sonu’s phone video goes viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Sonu Sood, this name seems to have been introduced to the countrymen anew in the lockdown. It’s not that no one knew Sonu before. Although he was not very popular as an actor, everyone was aware of his acquaintance. But during the epidemic, people became acquainted with a unique form of gold.

Sonu came forward as a savior at a time when politicians were worried about how to bring millions of migrant workers back to their homeland in the Corona situation. Despite not being a so-called first-line star, Sonu has brought millions of people to her home on her own initiative.

Sonu has recently been released from Corona. And after being freed, Kovid has jumped into new ventures with the help of people. Of course, the actor did not shy away from helping people even when he was in isolation at home due to corona attack.

Due to the second wave of corona in the country, the number of corona victims is increasing by jumping every day. In such a situation, Sonu’s responsibility has also doubled. Thousands of messages are constantly entering the actor’s phone. And it’s so fast that you can’t believe it.

A video of Sonu’s phone has gone viral on social media recently. It is seen that one message after another is entering his phone in a matter of seconds. Seeing the line of the message, the eyes of the netizens are wide open. It will take a whole day to read so many messages, help is a long way off.

But Sonu did not give up even in this situation. Seeing thousands of messages every day, he is helping them as much as he can. Seeing all this, netizens are informing Kurnish to Sonu. Sonu has recently given a message to the people of the country.

On his Twitter handle, the actor wrote, “August 15 is a message for those who show patriotism: there will be no more time to do something for the country and show patriotism.” It is clear that when the second wave of Corona struck, Sonu appealed to the people to come forward to help each other in this time of emergency.

Earlier, in a tweet of the actor, everyone was worried. Sonu was in isolation after being attacked by Corona. But he did not stop helping. The actor wrote in a tweet that the hospital needed 560 beds. But he was able to collect 112.

On the other hand, Sonu was able to provide 16 bhatras instead of 146 remedicivir. But then the actor wrote in a tweet, he sometimes wins and sometimes loses. But he is trying his best.