One million people have demanded the resignation of the WHO chief, accusing him of working for China

BanglaHunt Desk: The US President himself has pointed a finger at the World Health Organization. Financing has stopped overnight. Allegedly, the WHO did not warn in advance about the corona infection. There are also allegations of providing incorrect information. At the center of all the allegations is Director General Tedros Adanum Gabriasus. Trump calls him close to China. In this situation, many people want Hu's director general to step down. Recently, this demand is spreading at a stormy pace in the internet world as well.

A claim on makes it clear that “in a statement issued on January 23, 2020, Tedros Adanum Gabrieus did not declare Corona an executioner. Did not mention the threat of a global catastrophe. Then the way the infection spreads, his responsibility remains. As a result, we feel that Tedros Adanum Gabrieus does not do justice to his chair. Those of us who think Hu is a neutral organization are demanding the resignation of Tedros. Without any investigation, Tedros believed all the information provided by China about the deaths and injuries in Corona. ” The petition has already garnered one million signatures.

Tedros also spoke on Monday about the situation in the world. He said Hu was concerned about the lack of medical infrastructure and the way corona is spreading in Africa and several Asian countries.