One month after the wedding, Abhimanyu took the 'anise' of the screen home by playing conch shells: viral video

Actress Manali Dey and director Abhimanyu Mukherjee got married legally on August 15 on Independence Day. They also ended the social marriage on September 22 in a domestic environment. The couple officially got married at Abhimanyu's house. However, in the current Corona situation, the wedding was arranged in a very domestic way. But only Malabadal and Sindurdan. In order to maintain social distance, Manali-Abhimanyu did not perform any rituals like Aiburovat or Gaye Halud.

October 22 marked the one month of their marriage. On the occasion of the wedding anniversary of the first month, Manali-Abhimanyu met in a domestic ceremony. On this occasion, Abhimanyu played conch shells and picked up the actress. And to post that video on social media, Manali went viral.

In the video, it is seen that Abhimanyu is welcoming Manali by playing conch after white Punjabi. Next to him is Manali's mother-in-law i.e. Abhimanyu's mother. Although Manali's voice can be heard in the video, she is not seen. Maybe he is doing the video. Someone present in the video is asking Manali “who is playing conch”, Manali is answering “groom”.

In fact, Abhimanyu's mother does not know how to play conch. So this work has to be done by Abhimanyu. Since Abhimanyu's mother was not present at their wedding ceremony, they had to follow all the new rules on the one-month wedding anniversary.