One more step towards digitalization, jio mart and WhatsApp will change the lives and livelihoods of the lower class,


BanglaHunt Desk: Facebook has already invested Rs 44,000 crore in jio. This knot is expected to revolutionize the e-commerce business. Ambani wants to capture the market of Amazon Flipkart by joining Jio Mart with WhatsApp.

Mukesh Ambani has decided to link Geomart with WhatsApp to connect small businesses in India with technology. The new e-commerce model will be developed by Geomart and WhatsApp to bring small and medium shops, grocers, stationery shops, hawkers and small traders under one umbrella. From where you can order daily necessities from local shops or markets. Prices can be met through WhatsApp. And Geomart will deliver that order to the door of the house.

In addition, small businesses will also be accustomed to digital shopping with the pairing of Geomart and WhatsApp. In the event of a lockdown or future crisis, customers will be able to order items online. A new horizon of digital business will open in the country. The livelihood of small traders will not be affected. Second, customers also have benefits. Everyday necessities will come in handy while sitting at home. As Geomart is the platform of Reliance Geo, the offer will continue at different times.

In November 2019, the market value of Mukesh Ambani's company was around 56-70 billion US dollars. As a result, his 10 percent stake is worth ৬ 7.5 billion to ৭ 8 billion. Zuckerberg also wrote about this on his Facebook page. He said Facebook is partnering with the Geo platform. We have made financial investments. At the same time, we are working together on some big projects ahead, which will further enhance the commercial potential in India.

After coming to the market, Geo has taken over most of the telecom industry. Geo has always been a favorite telecom service of the customers by bringing new plans. On the other hand, other telecom companies including Bharti Airtel have put Geo K in front of considerable competition.

In many cases, they are already coming up with innovative features. All in all, Reliance Jio is currently the number one telecom company in the country. The number of customers of the company has crossed 37 crore in the whole country.
Geo shares are quite profitable in the country at the moment. It is known that this time Geo's share but the US tech giant Facebook has become enterprising.