One person arrested for beating up workers, not our workers – claims BJP


BanglaHunt Desk: There was a piece of bread left. Loose shoes. They are not able to return home even after trying. Lockdown since that time. The little money saved is gone. Millions of workers are spending their days worrying from morning till night. Someone has tried to walk thousands of kilometers to get home. Many have had tragic consequences on the road. Someone has cycled with his family to return home. But the truck crushed on the road. The whole country witnessed another tragic incident on Thursday morning. The wagon crushed 18 workers. Another tragic incident took place in Gujarat on the same day. A BJP worker in Surat has been accused of beating migrant workers.

A man was arrested in the Gujarat city of Surat on Friday for allegedly torturing a migrant worker from Jharkhand. There was a fight between the two to book tickets. At the same time, the Congress claimed that the accused Rajesh Verma was a BJP activist but the ruling party denied the allegations. The video of the incident that took place outside the accused's office went viral on social media.

Allegedly, the BJP activist named Rajesh Burma took one lakh 16 thousand rupees from migrant workers for train fare from Gujarat to Jharkhand. Thus he took three times more rent from the workers. After that the workers want to know from him, when, when the train will leave. There is also an argument for higher rents. The BJP worker then hit a worker with a wooden plank and broke his head. Rajesh and his accomplices killed the worker named Basudev Burma and made him bloody. Several other workers were also allegedly attacked. A Gujarat Congress leader shared a video of the affected worker Basudev Burma on Twitter. Basudev is sitting in a bloody state. “We went to get him a ticket,” he said. Then he says I will not give tickets. Do what Paris does. After that he attacked us. He hit us with bricks and wooden planks.

However, the BJP office in Surat said their party had no connection with Rajesh Burma. However, Manoj Burma's Facebook account states that he is a BJP activist. He even has pictures with some of the BJP's top leaders. A complaint has been lodged in the name of Rajesh Burma.