One person set an example by cultivating the roof of his house organically without soil


BanglaHunt Desk: Peter Singh and his wife are cultivating the roof of their house with organic methods. Peter Singh, 64, and his wife Nino Kaur, 64, are working together. His orchard covers an area of ​​175 sq m and cultivates 120 kg of fish per year. And more than 3,000 plants are grown. They produce large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

For the last 4 years, they have been cultivating aquatic plants in their homes and fish in tanks. This method is called the aquaponics method. Peter Singh said, ‘We recycle waste from kitchen waste and other parts of the garden. We do not use any chemical products here. ' He further said, 'I studied at Delhi University and plan to stay there. But then the business plan for the farm in Jalandhar, Punjab came to the fore. Then I started cultivating slowly. '

They then went to Goa to start organic farming. But because of space problems, they resorted to aquaponics. “There,” Peter said, the unit, which is 2 feet X 6 feet and 6 feet long, produces 180 trees with the help of 200 watts of light and 250 liters of water. Here lettuce, kale, bake wants to be grown. Again a tank can contain 5 kg of fish weighing 1 kg. So there we cultivate 1/2 kg 10 kg fish.

The waste found in this fish tank is mainly composed of ammonia. Going down through this system becomes recyclable. They have 5 such tanks. He also cultivates onions, chillies, lemons, tomatoes, sheets and many vegetables like yogurt, cucumber, squash, akhra and eggplant.

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