One serious allegation after another in the nepotism debate, Salman finally opened his mouth!

BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan himself has finally opened his mouth about nepotism, the most 'hot topic' on social media that has been going on for the last few months. Following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sallu Minar became involved in the Nepotism debate. But he was never seen making a fuss about it.

Finally, in the house of his show Bigg Boss, the nephew became vocal about the much-discussed and controversial Nepotism issue. A few days ago, Rahul Vaidya Kumar Shanu's son Jan Kumar Shanu was seen on the show saying that he got the opportunity in the show due to nepotism.

In this context, Salman opened his mouth on this day. Recently, a promo of Bigg Boss has gone viral. There, addressing Rahul, Salman is heard to say, ‘Who paid for your singing class?’ When Rahul is silent in reply, Salman again asks Jan if his father Kumar Shanu ever gave him a chance to sing somewhere. Jan replied, no.

Fer Salman said, does Rahul have any background towards music in this industry? When Jan said 'no', the nephew said, 'Then you should have been a bigger singer.' Salman's clear statement, nothing is forced in this industry. Whoever stays will be fine.

Incidentally, Kumar Shanu's son Jan Kumar Shanu recently faced a big threat to insult the Marathi language in the house of Bigg Boss. Singer Kumar Shanu himself opened his mouth in this context. I apologize for the boy on social media.

A video message of Kumar Shanu came out on Thursday. There he apologized on behalf of the boy, saying, ‘I heard my son Jan say something very bad. In these 40-41 years I could not even imagine. I can't even think of Maharashtra, Mumbai, the Goddess of Mumbai who has blessed me, given me name, fame, fame. '