Only 20-month-old babies survived the last-minute deaths, becoming the youngest organ donor

Bengali Hunt Desk: Not only is 20-month-old old enough to do something big, but the 20-month-old Dhanishtha, who lives in the Rohini area of ​​Delhi, did something that set an example for everyone. Incidentally, this 20-month-old baby has saved five lives and said goodbye to the world. With this, Dhanishtha became the youngest organ donor. His heart, liver, two kidneys and two corneas have been donated to five patients.

Let me tell you, on January 8, Dhanishtha fell to the ground while playing on the roof of the house and lost consciousness. He was rushed to Gangaram Hospital. Despite many efforts by doctors, he could not be saved. On January 11, doctors declared Dhanishtha 'brain dead'. All his organs were working except Dhanishtha's brain. Even after the mourning, Dhanishtha's parents Mr. Ashish Kumar and Mrs. Babita expressed their desire to donate their baby organ.

Dhanishtha's father Ashish Kumar said, “While we were in the hospital, we saw many patients who needed organs. Since we have lost our child, we want to donate his organs to save the lives of patients who need them.

Dr. D. S Rana said, ‘This work of Dhanishtha’s family is very commendable. And their work will inspire many. The rate of organ donation in India is very low at 0.26 per million. Every year 5 lakh Indians die due to organ failure. ”