Only 20 thousand 1 lakh! L.I.C with Fancy Policy,


BanglaHunt Desk: Do you want to get a lot of return with very little investment? L.I.C has brought you the New Life Happiness Policy. Investors can get Tk 1 lakh by investing Tk 20,000 in this policy.

Anyone between the ages of 3 to 6 years can put money in this policy. Sum assured should be kept in the scheme for 3 lakhs.
You can get a loan after three years of taking out the policy. On the other hand, the policy of New Jeevan Anand Plan is from 3 to 5 years.

Besides, due to the lockdown, there are economic strains going on all over the country at the moment. Many are unemployed and have no income. In this situation, it is not possible for many to get paid for insurance. This time, the state-owned insurance company LIC has provided some comfort to the people of the country. On the one hand, as they have stated, if the coroner died of the trauma, the rules would be available for insurance, as well as the March and April premiums.

Life Insurance Corporation of India has said that the family will not have to burn more wood for the insurance money if the coroner dies.

The LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) on Saturday said in a press statement that the deadline for submitting the premium for February was extended earlier. This time, the premium payment period for March and April has also been extended by 7 days. Newly increased premium submission deadline for February. It has been increased from March 22 to April 3.

Besides, you can submit premium by going to LIC's digital payment option at no extra cost. Premiums can also be paid through Axis or IDBI Bank.

The state-owned insurance company said that customers can now submit premiums for free through LIC's digital payment option. There is no additional service charge. Moreover, if it is not possible for anyone to pay the premium online, the premium can be paid through Axis or IDBI Bank.

Also, customers who are maturing during the lockdown will be assured that the money will not be a problem for them. Also, if a policy is closed, it can be launched online without showing any reason.

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