Only in the lure of Wifi power did the parents do this with the newborn daughter

Today's world depends on the Internet. In the lure of free internet you can do a lot. But you can't believe what a couple from Switzerland did in their greed for free WiFi power.

A Swiss company called Twifi has announced that couples who name their newborns after their company will be offered free Wi-Fi for 18 years. Even if the company goes up, their service will not stop.

There was only one simple condition from the company to get this benefit. The newborn's birth certificate needs to be uploaded. Upon receiving this news, the couple sat motionless. Although he was a little hesitant at first, in the end he gave the middle name of his newborn daughter to the company.

They said that the money spent for the internet, this time it will be credited to the account in the name of the girl. Later the girl will be able to buy whatever she wants with that money. The owner of the company is also happy with the couple's initiative. He urged more couples to come forward.

On the other hand, the baby girl has become popular overnight because of her name from birth. Despite her parents not being celebrities, she has gone viral.