Onscreen wife, offscreen lover, love is frozen in the puja latex-blue-grass! Extremely viral video

BanglaHunt Desk: Nikhil alias Neel Bhattacharya has a close relationship with his onscreen wife Shayama or Tiyasha Roy and offscreen lover Trina Saha. The actor was seen quarreling with the two on social media. And in this pujo, both friendship and love are gathered in blue, grass and tea.

On the set of serial Krishnakali, the naughtiness of Neel Tiyasha continues all the time. The actor also showed his glimpse to the fans on social media. This time Neel shared another reel video. There, Neel and Tiyasha were seen dancing to the tune of the popular Hindi song 'Fatafati Lage'. The two were seen intoxicated with the dance.

On the other hand, the love of blue and grass has also accumulated in Pujo. From time to time, the two are sharing pictures and videos with each other. This popular television couple is taking out each other's time in the midst of the busyness of shooting.

Neel and Trina shared a picture together again. In Ashtami, the actor stood next to his lover and posed with a smile. Neel shared two pictures and videos on his Insta handle. Both posts have gone viral on social media.

Incidentally, the seven packs of blue and grass were supposed to be tied in February 2021. Although he has not said anything about this yet, the actor thinks that the plan may be delayed due to Corona.

At the moment, Neel Bhattacharya is playing the lead role of Nikhil in Zee Bangla's Krishnakali serial. On the other hand, Trina is seen in the role of Gungun in Star Jalsa's 'Kharakuto' serial.