Open or close the windows by running AC in the car? Confusion is there Baba, know what is right


Car Tips: कार में AC चलाकर शीशे खोलें या बंद रखें? कंफ्यूजन है रे बाबा, जानें क्या है सही

Car Tips: Open or close the windows by running AC in the car? Confusion is there Baba, know what is rightImage Credit source: Freepik

Going out in the summer sun is like punishing oneself, in such a situation people prefer to travel by their personal car. Now every member of the family sits in the car, some of them want to run AC, while some want outside air, being disturbed by this, the driver opens the window by running AC. But is it correct? does it car performance But won’t it affect? Today we will tell you the answers to all these questions, after which you can decide for yourself what would be the right decision to make.

Actually, some members of the family say that they get suffocation in a closed car, but some do not understand what to do to protect themselves from the sun and dust outside.

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Opening the windows with the AC running in the car will have an effect

Opening the windows with the AC on in the car affects its cooling. Due to this, when you run the AC in the closed mirrors in the car, then the temperature of your car cools down in a better way. But on the other hand, if you open the windows after running the AC, then its effect is visible on the cooling of the car, in this situation your car does not cool properly. This has a great impact on the mileage of the car.

The temperature inside the car becomes both cold and hot simultaneously i.e. neither the car is completely cold nor hot. It is also not good for the health of you and everyone sitting in your car. The non-uniformity of the temperature of the car is harmful for you.

AC system made ready for closed space

Obviously, you will not be able to get the coolness of AC air until the house or vehicle is completely closed. That’s why it is important that whenever you run the AC in the car, drive the car completely closed, leaving the glass of the car open even a little affects the mileage of the car and also on the AC system.

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