Operation Sea Bridge was launched to bring back Indians from Maldives

BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian naval ship Jelasu and the crocodile sailed by sea to bring back about 650 Indians from the Maldives. The two ships have already set sail to repatriate Indians stranded in the Maldives and the Maldivian capital, Male, due to the corona virus (COVID-19).

The beginning is Operation Sea Bridge

There are more than 20,000 Indians living in the Maldives in large numbers. But in times of crisis, some people want to leave their hotels, jobs and businesses to return to their homeland. Operation 'Sea Bridge' was launched to bring back about 1,000 Indians willing to return to the country.

Bande Bharat Mission

These large expeditions include the Bande Bharat Mission. In the first phase of this long-running process, arrangements have been made to bring back about 650 people. In the first phase, 14,600 Indians from 12 countries will be repatriated. Of which the sea bridge is a huge part. The Jelasu and Magar ships will reach Kochi by sea after crossing a distance of about 900 km.

Capacity analysis of Zelasu and Magar ships

With the help of the Indian Navy, it will be possible to bring back about 1000 people together in these two ships. Mask, with the necessary equipment, this ship has set out to bring back the citizens. And the entire ship has been disinfected.

The Jelasu ship was purchased from America for 90 million rupees

Ships were purchased from America only once in the history of the Indian Navy. The Zelasu ship was purchased in 2005 for 90 million rupees. The ship was first used in the US Navy, which could carry 1,000 people on a single ship. However, keeping in mind the social distance at present, a total of 650 people will be brought back in the first phase by combining the two ships. The ship has all the medical arrangements.

Made in India ship is crocodile

INS Magar was prepared in Calcutta itself. The ship was first used by the Indian Navy in 1986. However, this whole operation may take about a day.