Operation Snow Leopard! This is the first time that the Indian Army has launched a new operation to link Ladakh with other states

BanglaHunt Desk: This is the first time that the Indian Army has taken a big step to keep the icy Ladakh connected with other states of the country. The Indian Army Border Roads Organization has been trying to keep the road to Srinagar, Leh open for a long time.

Since the first week of November, the Border Roads Organization has been working to remove snow after the snowfall. In particular, arrangements are being made to keep the Jozilla Pass area open. Troops are clearing roads from the ice at minus temperatures all the time. This operation is called Operation Snow Leopard.

Previously, this dangerous area, Jozilla Pass, was closed for about six months after it snowed in the winter. As a result, the whole of India had no relations with Ladakh for 6 consecutive months. The troops had to stockpile everything they needed before they could stay in the border area. The soldiers used to serve the country without caring for their lives in the minus degree temperature of the region.

According to an official of the Border Roads Organization, the decision of the Indian government to keep the road open in view of the current tensions in the border area is a very good decision. Already, multiple operations have been carried out to cut the snow in the region and build roads. Along with the necessary equipment, a special team of the army is also attached to them there. The team is helping troops build roads by forecasting avalanches and heavy snowfall in the area. Besides, all the medical facilities have been kept there and an emergency rescue team has also been deployed there.