Ordinary people stop train in Bihar and give food to starving workers, tears in joy after watching viral video


Banglahant Desk: Ordinary people came forward to feed the workers by stopping the special train at Begusarai in Bihar. The video was shared on Twitter by Mizoram Chief Minister Joramthang. The video went viral as soon as it was shared. Netagrikars are cursing this initiative of the people of Bihar.

Migrant workers have suffered the most in the lockdown. Almost everyone has lost their job, no food and no roof over their heads. In this situation, the workers are going home hungry day after day. Some are embracing death while walking, some are eating dog meat out of hunger; Such is the picture of people working in lockdown across the country. Thousands of such pictures and news are coming up every day from every corner of the country.

This time the general public stood by the workers. This 30-second clip from Bihar was probably recorded on a mobile phone. As you can see, a group of villagers are running towards the train with packets of food. The three youths were also seen giving food to the passengers from a window of the train. With tears in his eyes after watching the video, a netizen commented, “Tears of joy! This is the consciousness of India. “

Earlier, the Mizoram chief minister tweeted a video of a train bound for Bengaluru from flood-hit Assam. Where Mizoram residents tried to help the locals with packets of food from the windows.