Organizing the T20 World Cup at the scheduled time is not only difficult, but practically impossible.


The corona virus has caused epidemics around the world. The whole world is paralyzed by this epidemic, and all kinds of sports are stopped. Cricket is closed. The ICC's executive committee held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss when cricket will resume. After that meeting, it was informed that if the situation becomes normal, the T20 World Cup will start at the right time. The ICC has instructed the Australian Cricket Board to make all necessary arrangements for the T20 World Cup. Because the ICC wants to organize the World Cup according to the schedule if the power of the corona virus decreases.

However, the Indian Cricket Board has said that no matter what the ICC says, it will not be possible to host the World Cup at the right time even after the corona virus has subsided. Because Corona is expected to take several more months to return to normalcy around the world.

Arguing in this regard, a BCCI official said that it is not yet certain when international flights will be fully normal even after the corona virus is eradicated. There is also considerable skepticism as to whether the governments of the countries that will be playing the World Cup in Australia will allow them to travel to Australia out of concern for the health of their cricketers and support staff. Also, if the World Cup is held, will all the spectators who come to the field be able to watch the game of social distance cricket? On the other hand, it is impossible to hold the World Cup in an empty gallery because many cricket boards and cricketers have already spoken out against the World Cup. With these aspects in mind, the BCCI official said it was impossible to host the World Cup in October-November.