Outside Bengal, the mask is compulsory to read, the state government has confirmed


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading its horrible outbreaks in various countries beyond China. The number of coronas infected and dead is constantly increasing. In this situation, the Chief Minister of West Bengal requested the Center to extend the lockdown deadline. Although lockdown is issued, in many places people are not following any rules. Not reading masks, and not protecting social distance. Freedom is coming out on the streets. Repeatedly, without the need to wear the mask, you are leaving the market.

This time, the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a strong message about reading these people's masks. He would have to read the mask when he came out, he explained. In India, the number of coronary diseases is increasing. Lockdown to prevent coronary infection The Chief Minister has requested that the lockdown be extended to West Bengal before the lockdown period ends. Lockdown is the only way to deal with Corona.

But even in the lockdown, a large number of people in the state are going out without any rules. Traveling freely in the market. Some of them do not have masks, and some do not even accept social distance. Therefore, the Chief Minister himself gave a strong message. On Sunday, Nabane announced on behalf of the state that the mask is compulsory. When you get out of the house you will need to read the mask. And to use back home sanitizer.

In addition, several places in the state have been identified as hotspots. The government can seal these places if needed. When sealed, people in those areas will not be able to get out. And no one can enter from outside. Items of urgent need will be delivered to the citizens' homes. Police guards will be deployed at different parts of the area. So far in the state, the number of Corona victims has risen to five and the death toll is 1.

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