Outstanding song in the voice of a little sweeper, Neha cried on stage, Himesh: Viral video

viral video: The new season of indian idol is about to start in a few days. Promos are already being shown on TV including social media. One of those promos has gone viral on Netdunia. Where a sweeper from the same set is heard singing.

Every year, one talent after another emerges in Indian Idol. People from different social and economic backgrounds put their talents on this stage. This time too, he will be no exception – the promo. Newlyweds Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani are on the bench.

This time the promo shows the story of the hardships of the life of a young man named Yuvraj Medh. Neha and Himesh cried after hearing the story of her life. In the promo, Yuvraj is heard to say that he used to work as a sweeper of that set. From there he learned.

Himesh said after listening to his songs and life story, you are a beacon of hope for India. You have proved that anyone can learn from anywhere. Just have to work hard. All three judges were seen standing at the end of the song.