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BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood superstar Govinda has recently turned 58. On that occasion, he organized a sumptuous party at his home in Mumbai. The video of that party is now viral on social media. Party photos have also been shared from Govinda's numerous fan clubs.

Govinda was also seen dancing to the tunes of her popular songs 'Hero Number One' and 'Coolie Number One', 'Madhay Payadal Se Ya Raha Tha' and 'Husan Hadhay Suhana'. He was accompanied on the dance floor by his wife Sunita and veteran actor Shakti Kapoor. Govinda is seen dancing with choreographer Ganachash Acharya to the tune of Suhana in Hussain Hadya.

The star photographer shared the video of the viral horror party on his Instagram handle. The video shows him setting fire to the dance floor. Besides, Kapil Sharma has also been seen posing with Govinda. In the caption, he writes, “Hero number one brother can only be one.” The video has gone viral.

Incidentally, Govinda made her Bollywood debut in 1987 with the film Ilzam. He then presented several superhit pictures one by one. Among them are pictures like Raja Babu, Coolie Number One, Hero Number One, Big Mia and Little Mia.

Suddenly in the middle, Govinda's career graph went down. However, he came back with Bhagam Bhag and partner. He was last seen in Rangile Raja. However, this film did not do well at the box office.