Pac-Gentleman 99 is a new battle royale activity for the Swap

Nintendo has announced Pac-Person 99, a new multiplayer recreation that’ll be bundled with its Nintendo Switch Online membership company. Like Tetris 99 and the not too long ago departed Tremendous Mario Bros. 35, the game pits dozens of gamers against each other in a fight royale-style fight to the stop.

The game appears to be very similar to the classic arcade original Pac-Gentleman, but you can make it far more difficult for opponents by munching on electricity pellets, feeding on ghosts, and sending “Jammer Pac-Man” around to their screens. There are 8 distinct preset methods you can use to screw with other gamers, for example by speeding up their activity.

Pac-Gentleman 99 also has several themes obtainable for invest in that modify up the songs and visuals based on other Namco video games like Galaga, Xevious, and Dig Dug. There are 20 in full.

Pac-Person 99 will be available to download tomorrow, April 7th, and it’ll be cost-free for anybody with a Nintendo Switch On line membership. The activity is exclusive to the Nintendo Change.