Painful story of actress Vimi, husband forced her to sleep with others, when she died, the body had to be carried on a handcart


एक्ट्रेस विमी की दर्दनाक कहानी, पति ने दूसरों संग सोने पर मजबूर किया, मौत हुई तो ठेले पर ले जाना पड़ा शव

Actress Vimi Tragic Life: There have been many actors in the Bollywood industry who climb the heights of success in the beginning of their career, but the faster they travel, the faster their downfall is seen.

actress vimmi

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Bollywood Actress Vimi Tragic Life: Bollywood The road to success is very difficult. Here it is slippery at every step. The one who was careful went ahead and the one who slipped in the smoothness here either fell into the ditch or into the well. There were many artists whose end in the industry was such that one gets goosebumps listening to it. such a sad story Hamraj The film’s actress Vimi Ki.

Vimi did not have to wait long to get success in Bollywood. They came and went. The first film of the actress was Humraj. Big actors like Sunil Dutt and Raj Kumar were seen opposite him in this film. The film won the hearts of the fans and Vimi gained fame overnight. But the sooner she reached the throne, the sooner she fell on the floor. And fell in such a way that she could never get up again. She kept getting trapped in the quagmire of deceit and her own people did not leave her anywhere.

The success of her very first film started talking on Vimi’s head. During this, the actress had also increased her fees manifold. Apart from this, the actress even refused to act in a BR Chopra film. Vimi was married to businessman Shiv Aggarwal. After marriage, everything was fine for a few years. Shiva was from a big family. But when Shiva was thrown out of the house, he himself ceased to exist. He became dependent on Vimy.

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things didn’t work out with husband

Here Vimi’s films were also flopping continuously. His films Aabru, Patanga and Vachan proved to be complete flops. In such a situation, the opportunities in Bollywood for the actress decreased. His failure extended to his personal life. The husband was already on Vimi’s side. And Vimi was also not doing well in films. His bad days had begun. During this Vimi had a fight with Shiva. This quarrel turned into a divorce and the two separated.

But worse days were yet to come in Vimi’s life. Another person entered his life. Film producer Jolly. Joining Jolly proved to be the biggest mistake of Vimi’s life. Jolly was drunk. He also got Vimi addicted to alcohol and Vimi used to be intoxicated day and night. Drunk Jolly starts forcing Vimi to spend the night with other producers. Vimi also got seduced and her name started being associated with prostitution.

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very bad ending

His end was very bad. In the industry, he saw such a scene from floor to floor that whoever listens, the ground slips under his feet. The song of his film was Tum Agar Saath Dene Vaada Karo. But no one supported Vimi. Due to alcohol addiction, his health kept deteriorating. No one was with them. It is said that when he died, his dead body was taken on a cart.

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