Pak ambassador claims that Takshila is part of ancient Pakistan! Meanwhile, 2600 years ago, there was no sign of Pakistan

Bengali Hunt Desk: Pakistan conspired to put pressure on India, which brought them into disrepute. This time too a similar case came to light. The case is linked to the historic Taxila University in ancient India.

Komar Abbas Khokar, Pakistan's ambassador to Vietnam, described the Takshila University, known as the heritage of ancient India, as part of ancient Pakistan. After such a strange demand of the Pakistani ambassador, everyone took his class on Twitter. However, the account from which the tweet was made was not verified. But that tweet of the Pakistani ambassador is rapidly going viral on social media.

Pakistani Ambassador Abbas tweeted, “This is a picture of Takshila University, this picture has been recreated. The university was located in ancient Pakistan next to Islamabad 2,600 years ago. At this university, students from 16 countries of the world received higher education in 64 different subjects, and great knowledgeable people like Panini taught there. ”

In another tweet, the Pakistani ambassador falsely claimed, “The world's first linguist Panini and the world's famous political philosopher Chanakya were both children of ancient Pakistan.” He also posted a video to prove his false claim.

However, on Twitter, the Pakistani ambassador's claim caused him to be ridiculed. One person said, “Neither Islam nor Pakistan existed 2600 years ago, let alone Pakistan.” The word Takshila was not Urdu, and Panini was a Brahmin. This whole part was within the Indian subcontinent. I just laugh at how they drive their citizens crazy. ”