Pak MP jokes about Imran Khan

Debt-ridden Pakistan has become the butt of jokes across the country. Malaysia has confiscated Pakistani aircraft for non-payment of arrears. The Malaysia-Pakistan plane was confiscated following a local court order.

And this is the issue that is now making fun of Imran Sarkar all over the world. But not only in other countries, Pakistani politicians have also started making fun of Imran Khan.

Leaders of Pakistan's opposition in the Pakistani parliament have begun attacking Imran Khan. Gafur Haidari, a Pakistani MP, attacked Imran Khan in front of everyone in the house. Gafur Haidari said, ‘Today our plane was stuck for a loan. What will happen if our Prime Minister is arrested tomorrow?

“It simply came to our notice then. If you do not repay the loan, you will be stopped. Gafur Haidari said, Malaysia is our friend country. Malaysia is an Islamic country. Yet they are forced to do so. Because we did not pay their debts. So it is not uncommon for our Prime Minister to be detained tomorrow. Gafur Haidari's comment video has gone viral on social media.

Incidentally, PIA leased two aircraft, including a Boeing-8, from a Vietnamese company in 2015. A PIA statement said, “A local court in Malaysia has seized a PIA plane. It's a one-sided decision between the PIA and the other side in a British court case. “