Pakistan: 4 years in jail for insulting the Prophet, policeman killed on release

Bangla Hunt Desk: In Pakistan, a man accused of blasphemy was killed by a police officer as soon as he was released. The accused police constable has also been arrested. Mohammed Waqas has already been sentenced to four years in prison on false charges of blasphemy. He was released last year, and has been underground ever since. He was killed on his way home by a Pakistani law enforcer.

Ahmed Nawaz, a police spokesman, said Waqas was killed on Friday in central Pakistan’s Sadiqabad district. He said the 21-year-old accused constable had joined the police a few months ago. He was outraged at Waqas’s actions.

In 2016, Waqas was accused of blasphemy. Waqas was accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, based on a social media post. Last year, the Lahore High Court acquitted him. A police spokesman said: ‘Waqas has been underground for a long time since he was released from prison. He returned home a few weeks ago.

In the Islamic country of Pakistan, there is a death penalty for blasphemy. Pakistani courts have so far convicted many on the charges, though no death sentence has yet been announced. Pakistan’s blasphemy law has long been the subject of criticism. Many of the accused have so far been murdered. In July 2020, an American citizen of Pakistani descent was killed for blasphemy.