Pakistan Airlines banned from flying in 16 countries due to use of fake licenses

Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan (Pakistan) is going to get another big shock. Europe and the UK have imposed a six-month ban on Pakistan International Airlines flights ahead of the issue of fake pilot licenses. This time 18 countries can issue sanctions in this regard.

According to sources, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has failed to meet the domestic essentials for 16 countries due to bogus licenses by airlines and international civil aviation agencies. That is why Pakistan could face huge losses.

Although the issue has been shrouded in secrecy for the past several years, in recent days when Uddhavin Minister Ghulam Khan announced that 141 to 262 PIA pilots had issued fake licenses. The ICAO issued a warning to the Pakistan Civil Association Authority on security concerns. In a letter dated November 3, the ICAO said Pakistan had failed to meet international demand for licensing and training for pilots.

According to sources, Pakistani airlines and their pilots are likely to be banned from flying in 16 countries. A PIA spokesman said the decision could have dire consequences for Pakistani aviation entrepreneurs.

The incident in Pakistan came to light after a plane crash. The investigation revealed that more than 260 of the 60 pilots had fake licenses or had taken unfair steps in the exams. Due to which the government of Pakistan is now facing huge losses.