Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman said that Asia Cup cannot be canceled for IPL.


The Indian Cricket Board and the Pakistan Cricket Board are about to get involved again. BCCI has suspended the IPL for Corona's dire situation at the moment. And that's why the BCCI wants to do the IPL a few months later. After knowing about the proposal, the Pakistan Cricket Board has informed that the Asia Cup cannot be canceled in any way to create a window for the IPL.

The Indian Cricket Board has suspended the IPL indefinitely for the Corona virus. On the other hand, if the IPL is canceled then the BCCI will face huge financial losses. Keeping that in mind, the IPL has been suspended. However, Indian cricket board officials do not want to walk in the cancellation of the IPL. That is why an official of the Indian Cricket Board has said that if the situation is normal, the IPL will be reviewed. The IPL is expected to be in place by the end of September. And that is why the Asia Cup is at that time, therefore, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani has said that the Asia Cup should not be canceled to create an IPL window.

Although the Asia Cup is scheduled to be held this year in Pakistan, the ICC was forced to withdraw the Asia Cup from Pakistan due to intense objections from the Indian Cricket Board. The ICC has announced that this year's Asia Cup will be held in Dubai or a neutral venue.

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