Pakistan fell into the trap of cheating China! 4800 crore went into the water

Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan is dependent on China for all their necessities, whether it is coroner vaccine or money. But every item from cheating China to the country has now become a headache for Pakistan. Because Chinese content is counterfeit, otherwise useless.

Pakistan bought nine LY-80 air defense systems from China, which were deemed bad as soon as Pakistan tested them. This time Pakistan has resorted to China to fix those air defense systems. According to the list given by Pakistan to China, there are 36 glitches in this system.

Pakistan signed nine air defense systems agreements with China in 2014 to bolster itself against India’s powerful air force. China built the defense systems in 2011 in collaboration with a Russian company.

China named this medium range air defense system HQ-16, and sold its export version to Pakistan as LY-80 LOMAD. Three of these were handed over to Pakistan in 2016 and the other six to Pakistan in 2019. The Rs 4,600 crore air defense system was installed by Imran Khan along the Indian border in 2019 after an air strike by the Indian Air Force in Balakot, Pakistan.

This air defense system is capable of working in the range of 40 to 60 km and from 15 m to 16 km altitude. Its radar can monitor its target from a distance of 140 km and can follow it. The system can prepare to hit its target from a distance of 75 km. But now they are almost unemployed. Because the system that China has sent to Pakistan has 37 faults.