Pakistan humiliated in China! No Chinese official came to welcome Qureshi

Bangla Hunt Desk: Saudi Arabia raised its hand over its head. That is why Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi visited China on Thursday to appease China. But no one could have imagined the way he was greeted at the Chinese airport. Arriving in Beijing to seek financial help from China, Pakistan's foreign minister has been more disrespectful than Bajwa in Saudi Arabia. China's Jinping government has sent an ordinary constable to greet Qureshi, contrary to protocol, without sending any senior officers. It is no less than an insult in part.

It is common to see that when a foreign minister of a country goes on a foreign tour, the foreign minister of that country and the country's top bureaucrats are present at the airport to welcome him. But Pakistan's foreign minister was welcomed by a Chinese police constable. The Pakistani foreign minister took the begging bag to China after receiving a shock from Saudi Arabia. There he will apply for a large loan from China.

He is also planning to discuss the Kashmir issue with China again and make a proposal to the United Nations. Pakistan wanted to hold a meeting with the Organization of the Islamic Conference on the Kashmir issue. But Saudi Arabia did not listen to their old friend Pakistan. After that, Pakistan got angry and threatened Saudi Arabia. Since then, Saudi Arabia has stopped supplying oil and lending to the rest of Pakistan. The Saudis also put pressure on Pakistan to repay its previous debts.

Two days ago, Pakistan's army chief General Bajwa traveled to the capital, Riyadh, to meet with the Crown Prince to establish good relations with Saudi Arabia. But despite repeated requests, the Saudi Crown Prince did not meet with her. Bajwa was even supposed to be given an honorary post from Saudi. That too was not given. After Pakistan was humiliated in Saudi Arabia, this time Imran's country is also humiliated in China.

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