Pakistan in severe food crisis! Imran Sarkar has his hands on the price of wheat, vegetables and chicken

BanglaHunt Desk: After Corona, Pakistan is suffering from food crisis this time. Food grains are now on fire in Pakistan, the country of Imran Khan, who has been financially backward from the very beginning. Nothing is going to be touched. Pulses, bread, wheat, sugar, vegetables are all skyrocketing prices. The price of chicken has also gone up.

The price of chicken has gone up sharply

Corona virus has come under control in Pakistan. After a long lockdown, everything is slowly getting back to normal. The wedding season has started. Besides, other events are also being organized. Chicken is a very important item in the menu of the ceremony house. But about 1 week ago the price of chicken was 90-110 rupees per kg, now it has increased to 190-210 rupees. Which has gone far beyond the reach of the common man.

Wheat must be brought from Russia

Earlier in Pakistan, one kg of wheat was available at 20 to 22 rupees. But with the resumption of the market, the price of one kg of wheat has gone up to Tk 80. According to Pak media reports, the government has not been able to reduce the price of 40 kg of wheat to Rs 2,400.

Record prices have risen in the case of wheat. The government fears that if this continues, it will take on even more dire proportions in December. So Imran Khan has planned to meet the demand for wheat by importing wheat from Russia.

Agnimulya vegetable market

Besides wheat and chicken, Pakistan's vegetable market is also on fire. Ordinary people cannot touch anything. The price of everything is skyrocketing. The price of potato has gone up to Tk 75 per kg. Meanwhile, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 150 per kg. The price of ginger is around Tk. 800 per kg and the price of onion brings tears to the eyes of Pakistanis. The price is around Tk. 90 per kg.