Pakistan is angry over the new law proposed by France, the Pakistani president warned

Banglahant Desk: Pakistan (Pakistan) is angry over the law issued by France to suppress Islamic fundamentalism. Interfering in France’s internal affairs, Pakistani President Arif Alvi has objected to the French law. He claims that unless the new law is repealed, the consequences could be dire.

Pakistanis are opposed to the new French bill – the French government has passed the bill to deliberately endanger Muslims. That is why they have been vocal against this bill.

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The French parliament on Tuesday approved a bill to crack down on extremism. The law says, ‘Surveillance on mosques and madrasas needs to be increased. As well as many marriages, strict action will be taken against forced marriages. Strict action will be taken against those who are trying to weaken the secular tradition.

The President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, has expressed his displeasure over the incident, saying, “The citizens of France must unite, otherwise discrimination on the basis of religion must be promoted.” This French law violates UN rules and is against social harmony. This step of France cannot be allowed to go ahead at all.

Arif Alvi further said, “This law of France is inciting those who do not know Islam against Islam. This act of France is spreading hatred and enmity in the country. If this law is not withdrawn immediately, it will have serious consequences. In this incident, the Islamic countries including Pakistan became angry against France.