Pakistan is going to release the notorious terrorist Umar Saeed after the death sentence!

Bangla Hunt Desk: It is clear from the present report that Pakistan has taken a strong stance against terrorists in their country. It is reported that Pakistan is about to release a dangerous militant imprisoned in their jails soon. Terrorist Umar Saeed Sheikh (Ahmed Omar Saeed sheikh) has been accused of killing American journalist Daniel Pearl and was released on a five-year-old Kandahar aviation hijack in India. The United States, angered by Pakistan's move, has warned the Iranian government that it should take drastic measures against terrorism.

Ahmed Omar Said Sheikh, the accused in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, was hanged. But a Pakistani court recently changed his death sentence to five years in custody. The militant is expected to be released shortly after the court's decision.

The chairman of the House Committee on American Foreign Affairs has warned Pakistan with a warning message after receiving news of power without militant Umar Sheikh. He said that it was a matter of great concern that the Pakistani court changed the sentence of militant Umar. It is imperative that Pakistan show itself against the terrorism problem.

Ahmed Umar Sheikh, the main accused in the murder of an American journalist and sentenced to death by terror court, was sentenced to death in Britain. The Sindh High Court on Wednesday reversed the court's decision. And Umar sentenced Sheikh to seven years in prison for his kidnapping. At the same time, the court freed three of his companions, Fahad Nasim, Salman Shakib and Sheikh Adil, who were accompanied by Umar in the scandal. They were sentenced to life imprisonment before.

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