Pakistan is preparing to declare Ayaz Sadiq a traitor

Bengali Hunt Desk: Congratulations to Indian Air Force Officer Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman The government of Imran Khan is now on the trail of Ayaz Sadiq, the Pakistani leader who has revealed the true story of his return to India. The Imran government is preparing to file a sedition case against Ayaz Sadiq, the former speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Earlier, Imran Khan's information and broadcasting minister Faraz had said that legal action could be taken against Ayaz Sadiq. This time, Pakistan's Interior Minister Ejaz Shah said on Saturday that many were appealing to the government to prosecute Ayaz Sadiq in accordance with Article 6 of the Constitution. Let me inform you that in Pakistan Article 7 is defined as treason.

Speaking at a rally at Nankana Sahib, Ejaz Shah said, “We are working on the petitions that have been submitted to us.”

Let me inform you that a statement made by Ayaz Sadiq in the Parliament of Pakistan went viral. In that statement, PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq said, “Congratulations, I remember Shah Mehmood Qureshi was at the meeting where Prime Minister Imran Khan said he would not come.” Chief Awami Saheb came to the meeting, his legs were shaking, his forehead was sweating. Then Qureshi said, “Give congratulations whatever.” Otherwise, India will attack Pakistan at 9 pm. ”

Ayaz Sadiq's statement caused a stir in Pakistan. Ayaz Sadiq made this statement in the Parliament of Pakistan, and for this reason this statement has been taken as very important. Later, Pakistan's Information and Broadcasting Minister Faraz said Ayaz Sadiq was unforgivable. He said a statement that weakened the country was a crime and would be punished for it.