Pakistan is suffering from this panic with India! The soldiers were kept on high alert


Bangla Hunt Desk: Once again, Pakistan is suffering from the terror of India's surgical strike. Pakistan's main newspaper, the Express Tribune, and the media outlet Geo News reported that intelligence agencies had received indications that India might launch a surgical strike to divert attention from the ongoing peasant movement in Delhi. The Express Tribune and Geo News quoted army sources as saying that Pakistan had placed the army on high alert on the India-India border due to fears of a strike.

The Express Tribune wrote, “India's Hindutva Narendra Modi government plans to do something big to weaken the ongoing protests in the country.” India also does not want the Khalistani movement to give way to a movement led by Sikh peasants. According to many sources, Pakistani troops have been placed on high alert along the Line of Control (LoC) and on the Indo-Pakistani border.

This news has also been published in Pakistani media Geo News. According to Geo News, Pakistan has kept its troops on high alert due to fears of India's flag operation and surgical strike. According to Geo News, India is planning the surgical strike to divert people's attention from its internal and external pressures.

According to Geo News, India is under a lot of pressure on minorities, the peasant movement and the Kashmir issue. India also lost in Ladakh and Dokalam. And because of these failures, India is now planning a surgical strike in Pakistan.