Pakistan is suffering from three sides in the coroner epidemic, and China is not helping

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona (COVID-19) failed to handle the situation, now Pakistan is facing problems after problems. Pakistan, which has been financially weak from the beginning, is now suffering from disease. Currently Pakistan needs money. But at this point their money stores are now empty. The IMF did not say that it would give 5 billion dollars to Pakistan in a financial crisis.

The IMF Technical Board was supposed to pay Pakistan $ 3 billion in three years in July last year. Instead, Pakistan was supposed to ease some of the rules. Then Prime Minister Imran Khan contacted the IMF on August 27 for a bailout package after the agreement was reached. But then Pakistan, in the financial crisis, had to borrow from China, Saudi Arabia.

Currently, the IMF has also postponed the second financial aid survey. On the other hand, the FATF meeting will be held in Beijing, China on June 20-24. Where Pakistan will discuss the issue of helping terrorists. The meeting will focus on the entire country of Pakistan. It is only at this meeting that the issue of Pakistan will be decided, whether Pakistan will be placed on the 'gray list' or released. The decision on Pakistan was made at a FATF meeting in Paris in February this year.

The FATF decided to put Pakistan on the 'gray list'. For this, Pakistan had to listen to the terrorists' help to finance. But this time the meeting held in China will discuss what measures Pakistan has taken against terrorism. FATF gave Pakistan 6 months. If Pakistan does not stop terrorist activities in this regard, they will be blacklisted. On the other hand, China has stopped all the projects that were going on in Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan is now in trouble from all sides.

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