Pakistan is thinking of India's relations with Afghanistan, Imran Khan cried in front of the people

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan government Imran Khan cried again for fear of India's move. At present a fear has taken root in the mind of the Pak government. Imran Khan's fear is that India could use Afghan land to destabilize Islamabad.

The goal is to strengthen relations with Afghanistan

Imran Khan recently addressed a seminar at the Pakistan-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Forum. He said Pakistan wanted to further enhance trade relations with its neighbor Afghanistan. But the Indian government is standing in the way.

The Pak government cried in front of the people

Imran Khan added that in addition to increasing contacts with Afghanistan to destabilize Islamabad, they are also expanding their business in Afghanistan through Iran. India is using Afghanistan to corner Pakistan. Imran Khan cried in front of the people while saying this.

Parikar is committed to building relations with Afghanistan

The Pakistani government has said it will not fail to strengthen ties with Afghanistan. From now on, the Pak government is determined to strengthen relations with Afghanistan. He also said that the Pakistani government would continue its efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan. He said the two Muslim countries would jointly monitor economic investment and activities.