Pakistan is working to remove flood water with a broom, netizens laugh after watching the viral video


Banglahant Desk: A viral video has recently surfaced on social media from Pakistan engaged in terrorist activities, which is making the residents of Netpara laugh and eat. Attempts are being made to clean the street water with brooms. Pakistan's flood situation has worsened due to recent heavy rains. Various places have been submerged. But in this situation, the Pak leaders are unable to stand by the common people.

Submerged Karachi

As a result of continuous rains in Karachi, there is no difference between roads and ponds. Just water and water all around. In this crisis, the condition of Pak leaders has worsened. Instead of helping the submerged residents, they are now in dire straits. In this situation, such videos have come up on social media, which has caused a lot of laughter on Netdunia.

Clean the water with a broom!

Several people have come down to clean the water with brooms on the streets of Karachi. They look like they are sweeping the water in their house. This is not the end of their activities. One of the members again captured images of their activities on camera, claiming they would clear all the water in a few hours.

The truck is being filled with street water

As a result of the rain, many such images from Pakistan have surfaced on social media, which has made everyone laugh. As seen in a video, street water is being loaded into a truck with the help of JCB. But they forgot that this object is not a solid, it is actually water. So as the JCB driver is filling the water from one side, the water is coming out again through the various holes in the middle of the truck.

Some of these people think that this frozen water is the swimming pool, driving from the top of the multi-storey. On the other hand, ordinary people are saving their lives as the police vehicles patrolling the streets got stuck in the water.

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