Pakistan, on the one hand, is begging in the name of Coroner

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan is still doing its job in the terror of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Pakistan is still firing in the border areas. He is seeking help from the world by violating the feeling of humanity and again by calling himself humanity. On the one hand, the entire world is horrified by the Corona virus, and Pakistan, on the other hand, is helping the terrorists cross the border illegally. The Pak government is also helping the terrorists with huge amounts of money. Speaking of the money crisis, Corona is asking for help from the world on the one hand, and on the other hand a huge amount of money is helping the terrorists.

Pakistan government Imran Khan has demanded to the world that if they do not help them, they will die if they do not eat. It proposes to the world, 'Let the world help Pakistan in this situation now. No, we will die of starvation. ' Again, this petition of Imran Khan, in the Corona situation, seems to be a way to settle their debt.

Imran Khan posted a video on Twitter and other social media, saying, “At the moment of crisis, a campaign like that should be done for a country immersed in the sea of ​​debt. As a result of this operation, the debt of financially weak countries should be settled. ' He added, “Pakistan is now financially vulnerable and unable to cope with the Corona virus. The rich countries of the world economy should stand by Pakistan now.

Not long ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called SAARC countries involved in creating a monetary fund because of the Corona virus. Pakistan wants money from there too. But now Imran Khan has appealed to the world community that if they do not help Pakistan soon, then Pakistanis will die in the food crisis, not corona virus. Imran Khan has again appealed to the UN Secretary General to help vulnerable countries this time so that they can deal with the Corona virus.

He also said, “Developing countries do not have enough money at the moment, with which they will spend it in the health care sector. In times of crisis, their food will also protect them from the crisis. ' However, many believe that the money Pakistan is seeking for help during this crisis is not guaranteed to be spent on good works.

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