Pakistan, terrified of India, admitted this to Imran Khan himself

Bangla Hunt Desk: Frightened by the FATF, Imran Khan tells Pakistanis that he is scared to see India. Trying to hide his failure with Imran militants after India unmasked Pakistan and Pakistani militants, Imran Khan says India will send Pakistan to the FATF blacklist anyway.

Imran Khan said in an interview that the way India has laid siege to Pakistan for the past two years makes it difficult for Pakistan to get relief. If Pakistan goes to FATF, then Pakistan will be ruined. Pakistan's economy will be destroyed. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Imran Khan government's two-member FATF in the upper house of parliament. And that is why the anti-Imran Khan and the fear of Pakistanis are threatening Pakistan with blacklisting in FATF in the name of India.

The FATF is due to meet in October and Pakistan, alarmed by the blacklist, has now started a drama in the name of sending militants to jail. The Lahore High Court on Friday staged a drama in the name of punishing three notorious associates of Hafiz Saeed. A Pakistani court has sentenced three Jamaat-ud-Dawa militants, including Abdul Rahman Makki, a close associate of Hafiz, to just one and a half years in prison. On the other hand, Zafar Ekbal and Abdul Salam have been sentenced to 18 years. They were accused of carrying out militant activities and funding militants

If the FATF puts a country on the gray list, it means a warning to that country. The country has to stop the militant groups from receiving financial support within the stipulated time. And even after this warning, if no country takes action, the FATF blacklists them. So far, Iran and North Korea have been blacklisted. If the FATF blacklists Pakistan, the already shattered Pakistani economy will collapse and they will not receive international financial assistance.

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