Pakistan tried to infiltrate the border again! The army killed one militant with immediate action

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Indian Army foiled another conspiracy by Pakistan. The suspected Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) militants were trying to enter India through the Tanghar border in Jammu and Kashmir when the Indian Army cracked down on one of them. The rest of the militants were forced to flee after seeing the Indian army's rudrarup.

According to an official statement issued by the Indian Army, ‘Troopers noticed suspicious movements of three to four people at the forward post next to the LOC. Seeing the suspicious movement, the army took immediate action and killed one person. ” The other batsmen fled after being shot.

A day earlier, Major General Amardeep Singh Ahujala of the GCO Lightning Division said, “We have input that 215 to 250 militants are lined up across the border to fight in India.” We are also ready to thwart all their efforts.