Pakistan wants hydroxychloroquine from India after falling into danger

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan, the ever-enemy country, sought help from India. Government of India wants hydroxychloroquine to prevent corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak After helping various countries, India will now help the neighboring enemy country Pakistan, now Pakistanis are looking at that.

Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, has been effective as a topical drug for the coronary virus. Since the drug is manufactured in India in large quantities, long ago the US President sought the help of the drug from India. The Indian government accepted his request and sent the drug to the US. Besides, India is helping various countries with medicines and medical products as they need. India has even helped many countries with food grains. In this situation of crisis, India is moving forward without hesitation to stand by different countries.

This time, India sought hydroxychloroquine from Pakistan. In the crisis, the Pakistani government sought the drugs from the Indian government. Corona virus has had a good effect in Pakistan too. So far, the number of victims has been more than 3 and the death toll has increased to six. Even in the midst of crisis, the Pakistani government is not seeking to issue lockdown. By the weak economy, the lives of Pakistani citizens are at stake.

Imran's government has emphasized the need to build a cemetery instead of improving the medical system in Pakistan. For the cause of the cause has contributed to the invasion of India at various times. This time, the Iranian government is seeking help from India in the face of danger. But whether the Indian government will help Pakistan in the midst of this dire crisis is a matter for now.

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