Pakistan Zindabad slogan chanted in Delhi's Khan Market, 6 accused released after interrogation

Amidst the peasant movement on the Delhi border, the slogan 'Pakistan Zindabad' has been chanted in the country's capital. Just before the Republic Day, such slogans spread in the capital city. The news is coming from Khan Market, which has been in practice for some time.

According to reports so far, the slogan was chanted at Khan Market on Saturday night. During the investigation, the police arrested 3 young men and 3 young women. After that, the police started interrogating the young men and women. According to the information that came up during the interrogation, all of them had come to India Gate to ride their bikes. It is learned that they were renting bikes.

The Pakistan Zindabad slogan was chanted in front of Khan Bazar metro station at around 1 am. After which the police was informed about this. Upon receiving the news, the police rushed to the spot and started investigation. Such slogans in the capital before the Republic Day have also caused a stir in the administration.

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According to sources, the accused were released after questioning by the police. It is said that no suspicious matter came to the notice of the police after interrogation. During interrogation, the accused said that they were playing pubji games on their mobiles. At that time one player's name was Pakistan. And as such, they were shouting about the game.

They then complained to the police that some young men and women were chanting “Pakistan Zindabad”. But the accused said that the player named Pakistan won. So they said long live Pakistan. On hearing this, the people around him complained to the police that they were chanting 'Pakistan Zindabad'.