Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad says 'I beat Robbie Shastri in the pool'


When the two cricket teams of India and Pakistan are on the field, the cricketers of one team look at the other team's players virtually in the enemy's eyes. But when they meet each other outside the playing field, that is, they become very good friends. There are many examples and examples we have received many times before.

Off the field, cricketers from two countries have been friends with each other, telling many stories. Many times cricketers from two countries have been seen having dinner together. Also Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad recently said that when there was a bilateral series between the two countries, cricketers of the two countries played Holi many times together.

Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad said on his YouTube channel that political relations between the two countries were good at that time, so there was no hindrance in the bilateral series between the two countries. Once upon a time, we went to play a Test series in India. One of the matches in that Test series was in Bangalore. The two of us were in the same hotel in Bangalore at dusk. Seeing that we too started playing Holi, then the news came out that Robbie Shastri is hiding in his house. Then we all went to the Shastri's house and threw him into the pool with a holi. We have a very special test series that Miandad told India-Pakistan memory.

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