Pakistani militants enter India, 5 dead in clashes and 3 martyrs in Corona terror


BanglaHunt Desk: When the countrymen are in awe of Corona (COVID-19), the Indian army (Terrorist) terrorists infiltrate the Kashmir border line. They crossed the Kashmir border and entered India secretly to spread terror. But the Indian army also made a sacrifice in the war with the terrorists. As always, the dreams of the terrorists have dimmed the Indian jawans.

On the one hand, while China is blaming China as the originator of the Corona virus, terror attacks in India continue to happen. Except for China, the Corona virus has spread to almost every country in the world. Researchers from doctors to doctors are looking for ways to get rid of the disease. The number of victims is increasing on a regular basis. Already around 3,000 people have died in the whole world and more than 4 lakh people have been infected. In India at present, the number of victims is 5 and the death toll is 120. In the meantime, Pakistani militants crossed the Kashmir border into India, prompting panic.

The Indian army was martyred even though they were able to kill the militants due to clashes with the militants along the border. These forces are Subedar Sanjeev Kumar of Himachal Pradesh, Havildar Preminder Singh of Uttarakhand and Amit Kumar of Paratrooper, Balakrishna of Paratrooper of Himachal Pradesh and Chhatrapal Singh of Rajasthan. According to a security promoter in Srinagar, three army jawans died as heroes in fighting with terrorists in Kerala. On the 3rd and 3rd of April, a total of 3 soldiers and 3 militants were killed in this battle. The terrorists entered the Indian border from the contemporary range and hid in a monastery in the area of ​​the sector.

Colonel Rajeshkalia, a spokesman for the army, said, “For some days they thought some terrorists could enter India from Pakistan. By emphasizing this, they strengthen the security system. ' Indian army has killed 5 militants in the last 24 hours.

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