Pakistani troops beat Chinese troops, escalating tensions in Karachi


Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan has always considered China as its friend. Although the Pakistani government considers Imran Khan to be a friend of Chinese President Jinping, the Chinese president always understands nothing but his own advantage. He does not hesitate to stab his friend in the back for his own interests.

Chinese soldiers attack Pak army

Although these two anti-India countries pretended to be friends, a surprising thing happened. After entering Karachi, Pakistan, the Pakistani army was severely beaten by the Chinese army. The beating lasted until they fainted.

Allegations of collusion with Pak army officials

This barbarism continued in front of the senior officers of the Pakistani army. Pakistani soldiers were killed and their limbs were broken and they were made unconscious. Seeing everything in front of his eyes, the senior officer of the Pak army remained silent. Lt. Col. Imran Qasim, the commanding officer of the Pakistan Army, has been accused of beating the Pakistani army in collaboration with the Chinese army.

India's opinion

India's comments following the incident suggest that Chinese troops had entered Karachi, Pakistan, for the SAPS project. At that time, a scuffle broke out between the two sides over the position of the workers in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. As a result, they continue to kill until the Pakistani army is anesthetized.