Pakistani YouTuber is being abused fiercely, there is a ruckus about this video


पाकिस्तानी यूट्यूबर को जमकर पड़ रही गालियां, इस VIDEO को लेकर मचा है बवाल

Pakistani YouTuber Shahveer Jafry: Pakistani YouTuber Shahveer Jafry recently uploaded a video on a Tiktok, which has created a ruckus. Netizens are lashing out at Shahveer.

Pakistani YouTuber made fun of domestic violence, created a ruckus

Image Credit source: Twitter/@nishat218

Pakistani YouTuber: a famous Pakistani youtuber shahveer jafri There is a lot of ruckus on social media these days. Recently this youtuber did this to make a funny Tiktok video. prank video Uploaded, after seeing which the users are furious. People are telling Shahveer a lot of lies. people say youtuber domestic violence made fun of. Let’s know what was there in that video that YouTuber is being abused fiercely.

The video uploaded by Shahveer on Tiktok was a prank related to domestic violence. However, people went berserk on seeing the clip. In the viral clip, Shahveer can be seen trying to strangle his wife with a pillow. However, the wife did not face any problem in the video. But still, people did not like the way YouTuber made fun of domestic violence. This is the reason why Shahveer is being pulled fiercely. This video is becoming increasingly viral on different platforms of social media.

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Pakistani YouTuber’s video, which created a ruckus

The viral clip has been shared on Twitter by a user named Nishat with the handle @nishat218. The user has written, my blood is boiling after watching this video. Nishat has expressed surprise that someone tries to strangle his wife and more than 41 thousand likes on that video are ridiculous. Nishat told that the person seen in the video is Pakistani YouTuber and Tiktoker Shahveer Jafri.

Soul Sisters Pakistan’s founder and film maker Kanwar Ahmed has also shared this video and started Shahveer’s class. He has written sarcastically, in a country where thousands of women are killed every year due to domestic violence. Famous YouTuber finds it a bit strange to strangle his wife.

At the same time, after watching the video, Twitter users are also lashing out at Shahveer. Let’s take a look at the selected reactions.

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