Pakistanis commit suicide because of poverty, says Imran Khan

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who has been fighting against India since he came to power, is drowning in debt. He has no way to solve the country's problems. When asked in an interview with a Pakistani channel that Pakistanis are losing their lives due to poverty, Imran Khan replied, “What should I do now?”

The journalist asked, “The Prime Minister himself said that he is not running on a salary of Rs 2 lakh, then what will happen to the Pakistanis on a salary of Rs 16,000-18,000?” Then Imran Khan replied that the solution to this problem is to increase the country's wealth. Then the journalist asked, as long as the country's property does not increase, people will continue to die? Then Imran Khan said, ‘What should I do now? You tell me what to do? ”

According to Pakistani media, a large part of Pakistan, which ranks sixth in the world in terms of population, is still unemployed. 64% of Pakistan's population is under three years of age, and the youth unemployment rate is 8.5%. According to reports, 80 percent of Pakistan's youth are laborers and uneducated and lack skills. And because of this, the cost of training in Pakistan's private sector is much higher. And that's why they can't afford that training.

Note that Pakistan's economy has collapsed. In such a scenario, relations with Saudi Arabia have deteriorated and they have to repay a debt of ২ 2 billion. Although they did not pay this debt out of their own pockets. Pakistan is repaying Saudi debt with a loan from China.

According to experts, Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves have risen to. 13.3 billion after a কে 1 billion loan to Saudi Arabia. In the meantime, if Pakistan pays off the remaining এক 1 billion next month as promised, it will face widespread problems.