Pakistan's economy has collapsed, again the Imran government sought help from the G-20 countries


BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is now in front of the G-20 countries with the blessings of the economic crisis. The Corona (COVID-19) situation is becoming impossible to deal with due to the weak economy. That is why the Pakistani government applied in writing for financial assistance from the G-20 countries.

Pakistan is economically confused

There are many countries in the world that are burdened with heavy debts. But they are not as shameless as Pakistan. On the one hand, the Pakistani government demands financial help from the world, and on the other hand, it keeps the people happy by lowering the price of oil. On the other hand, they continue to support terrorist activities. Pakistan is currently weakened by the corona virus.

Pakistan also sought financial help from India

To address the Corona crisis, the Indian government has asked SAARC countries to set up a monetary fund. As soon as the Indian government deposited money in that fund, the Pak government demanded financial help from there without paying a single penny.

Pakistan is a handful to the G-20 countries

A senior official in Pakistan's finance ministry said the Pakistani government had sent separate letters from the G-20 countries seeking financial assistance in the fight against Corona.

Decisions made by members of the G-20 organization

Members of the G-20 granted temporary tax exemptions to six more countries, including Pakistan, at a meeting on April 15 amid the Corona virus crisis. This tax exemption has been given from May 2020 to December. During the Corona Crisis, there will be no constitutional issue by these countries, each country must be informed in writing.

The IMF rejected Pakistan's request for help

Unable to rely on Pakistan's use, they were reluctant to ask the IMF for সাহায্য 8 billion in aid. The second IMF aid survey was rejected by the IMF on Friday, citing Pakistan's inability to keep its promises.